• User Experience (UX)

    Our UX experts create user-centered designs with the greatest conversion rates, increasing your ROI and ROA.

    We pay very careful attention to the customer experience design of our sites, basing their architecture on industry best practices and incorporating elements of other successful online interfaces. Our web models are always focused on our client's profitability.

  • Web Design

    Acceleron's graphic design team can create beautiful and functional designs which increase consumer engagement and conversion rates.

    We set ourselves apart through an emphasis on the design and aesthetics of our sites. Through visual and interface design, we can substantially influence consumer actions and behavioral metrics to better achieve the goals of our clients.

  • Logo Design

    Utilize our design team to update your site's look for a fraction of the cost of web re-engineering.

    Instead of a total website redesign, or in addition to one, our design staff is able to create a new and unique logo or graphic design for your business, giving your digital presence a new look while avoiding the cost of back-end reconstruction.


  • Strategic Consulting

    Acceleron's team will examine where your business is now, where it can go in the future, and identify the steps necessary to get there.

    We will draft a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, designed to bring you more clients and revenue.

  • PPC Campaign Management

    Our digital marketing experts can manage your online paid advertising to maximize your ROAS.

    Our team specializes in Pay-per Click campaign management covering banner advertising, Facebook ads, and Google Adwords budgets.

  • Brand Development

    Our marketing professionals offer new brand creation and consultation on the development of existing brands.

    After meeting with our clients to determine the framework and goals for the new brand, we create an overall aesthetic and philosophy that is integrated into every facet of the campaign. This approach delivers a unified and recognizable message.

  • Copywriting

    Our team of writers and content generators produce quality copy that optimizes your conversion metrics.

    A major influencer of customer conversion is the content of your digital property. Our experts can generate, review, and edit your copy to increase sales and user engagement.

  • Mobile Marketing

    As mobile devices become more pervasive, it becomes more important to include a mobile strategy into your digital marketing campaigns.

    A mobile marketing strategy, including a mobile optimized website, will expand your site's outreach. We also handle SMS based loyalty programs and other mobile-technology based marketing development and tools.

  • Social Marketing

    Acceleron's social media experts create platforms for consumer engagement and developing life-long relationships.

    Social media outlets provide an excellent opportunity to have a two-way conversation with your customers and develop a powerful tool for research and development.


  • Web Development

    The Acceleron development team uses only the most advanced programming tools such as CSS3 and HTML5, while avoiding the use of technologies which are quickly becoming outdated.

    We build all types of web architectures from CMS to e-commerce, or for simply showcasing your business and attracting customers. Our sites are built with the highest quality of coding as well as a careful attention the aesthetic and typography of the front end.

  • Software Development

    We have a fully capable development team ready to assist our clients with all of their programming needs.

    This is not limited to simply website coding and online applications, but we can offer a variety of software our clients might need. Tell one of our associates about your requirements and learn more about our software development capabilities.

  • As a extension of your online presence, or to serve its own unique function, we can develop a smart phone app.

    As a separate service we are also fully capable of developing the software for the application as well as integrating it into the back-end of the site.


  • Web Analytics

    Acceleron's web engineers can manage and report a variety of behavioral metrics for your digital property such as bounce rates, conversion rates, and length of stay/ revisitation. By actively monitoring these metrics, as well as user interactions, traffic sources, and consumer engagement, we are able to greatly improve our client's investment yields.

  • Research & Development

    We are always monitoring and storing data on the impact of our client's advertising and web development investments so that we can provide the highest quality of services. This means that the campaigns we propose utilize the most effective advertising tactics in the market today.


  • Secure Coding

    Our computer security experts protect your information and intellectual property from theft or corruption, while allowing the information to remain accessible and helpful to its intended users.

  • Threat Consultation

    We can leverage our experience in the digital space to examine the security status of your site and recommend improvements to ensure the safety of your information and user base.

Digital PR

  • Press Release Creation

    Our copywrite and digital marketing experts work together to create web optimized press releases to maximize the exposure your business or product receives. Aside from producing engaging copy for articles, we look at components like keyword relevancy, SEM, and back linking.

  • PR Campaign Management

    The Acceleron team can strategically plan and manage your overall digital public relations by generating press releases and distributing to our network of PR contacts at digital publications, wire services, and other channels.

Executive Team

  • Justin McAuliffe Founder & CEO

    Justin is a graduate of Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration where his education was focused on business management and service quality. He studied both general corporate management courses and marketing from the perspective of the experiential quality and satisfaction that the hospitality industry is known for. He applies this knowledge in developing our hospitality focused branch of operations and to the user experience designs of our web projects. Justin has worked on several startups in the hospitality industry, including a travel kit and a mini-bar concept. He also served a summer analyst covering the hospitality industry for UBS, and as a social media marketing volunteer for microfinance non-profit Grameen Research.

    Justin was born in New York City and grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut.

  • Edipo Netto Cravo COO

    Prior to joining Acceleron, Ed was the Executive Vice President at an internet services company, where his primary focus was in search engine marketing and digital business development. Ed is a graduate of Cornell University's top ranked Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management where he focused his studies on entrepreneurship and marketing. He is heavily involved with the Cornell entrepreneurship community and has received academic awards for his achievements in entrepreneurship. Ed has also worked as a Business and Technology Analyst for Deloitte Consulting.

    Ed was born in Espirito Santo, Brazil and has lived in many world capitals. He is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and a proficient speaker of French.

  • Wen Geng Director of Technology

    Wen has been focused on web application design and development for over 7 years. Before joining Acceleron, she worked at E&M Advertising developing websites and at the EPOCH Times designing advertisements. She graduated with a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida, just after receiving her undergraduate degree from the University of Beijing School of Technology. Having taken more than 30 websites to launch from scratch, she is extremely experienced in managing web development projects. Alongside her analytical skills as a programmer and web developer, Wen is also highly creative and experienced in designing digital advertisements and other graphic design work.

    Wen was born in Shijiazhuang, China, and is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

  • Carlos Castellanos Financial Advisor

    Carlos is a second year student at the prestigious Chicago Booth School of Business, where he is concentrating in analytic finance and entrepreneurship. He is passionate about investing and has completed MBA internships at a long short U.S equity hedge fund, a middle market private equity firm and at a boutique investment bank. At Booth, Carlos led a team of five in the Edward L. Kaplan, '71, New Venture Challenge.

    Immediately before business school, Carlos graduated from Cornell University's Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management with concentrations in Finance, Entrepreneurship and International Trade and Development. At Cornell, he took part in a selective 2-year leadership development program, was active in the student entrepreneurial community.

  • Steve Spagnola Technology Advisor

    Steve holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Cornell University. Throughout his education, Steve's research has been published in the 9th International Conference on Computational Semantics (Oxford, UK, January 2011) and The 11th Annual ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (Ottawa, Canada, June 2011). His research focuses closely on how natural language can be used to enhance modern day aspects of knowledge engineering and machine learning.

    Steve is the technical lead on Stock Predictor where he applies his research in natural language, neuroscience, systems engineering, and computer science to build a distributed and social prediction engine - empowering users to build distributed, intelligent language processing models, and furthering human machine interactivity.

  • Justin McAuliffe

  • Edipo Netto Cravo

  • Wen Geng

  • Carlos Castellanos

  • Steve Spagnola



    Take either the 1 train to Canal St/ Houston St, or the C/E trains to the Spring St station. Our building is on the corner of Varick and Spring across from the Trump Soho.

  • CAR

    From the West St Highway Northbound, exit directly onto Spring St. There is a an Edison Park Fast on 272 Spring St. and the most amount of public parking on this street. From the West St Highway Southbound, exit onto Canal St. then take a left onto Hudson St, then a right onto Spring.

  • BUS

    Take the M21 line to the Spring/ Varick stop, or the M20 to the Hudson/Spring stop.


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